I find it uncomfortable to read a bio of someone written in third person, when it very clearly seems to be written by that person. I won't put you through that...

grew up in Townsend, Montana.

I've always had an interest, and maybe even somewhat of an intuition about style and trends. I spent my late teens and most of my twenties in many different industries; construction, mental healthcare, missional work, college -  yet this interest in style, coupled with a desire to own my own brick and mortar business, finally led me to the barber trade. 

So after discovering the trade, I headed out west to Portland, OR., dubbed the 'barbering mecca'; I knew that a good diversity in style, culture, methods, etc. would be vital to a successful, and ultimately enjoyable career. 

My wife and I moved back to Montana after school and I was able to accumulate vital experience at a barbershop in Bozeman before moving to Helena. 

A brief stint at a historical barbershop in downtown Helena helped to further define the identity of my shop. 

That Identity was as follows: 

A shop for all; young, old, the affluent and the destitute. 

In two short years, I created two shops; both in discarded areas of town. I have an affinity for the Small.

When Covid-19 shut the shop down in April 2020, it dislodged a suppressed passion in my wife for furthered education. At the same time, I realized that it was time to pass the torch to my booth renter Emily and continue the pursuit of building the Small.


In one of the most pivotal moments in our life together, we decided to release the security lines and pursue a much broader dream of helping others.

Helping Montana entrepreneurs and dreamers grow their enterprise is my dream. I've made it my mission to learn and grow in all things communication, knowing from experience that finding and speaking directly to your audience is the most vital and effective path to success in your venture. 

What is your dream? Let's grow it under the Big Sky - and beyond.

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